Sunday, May 4, 2008


MONTREAL - After a spectacular season of near-constant highs, the Montreal Canadiens' season came to an end last night in the most anti-climactic of ways. A fourth consecutive loss to the mediocre Philadelphia Flyers eliminated the Canadiens from compitition for the ultimate prize, the Stanley Cup.

Was it Karma? Was it destiny? Was it bad joo-joo? Did the Canadiens, a team that no one picked to even make the playoffs, offend the Gods in doing so? Was it Carbonneau's heritical tie?

Whatever it was, it just wasn't meant to be.

I, like most Habs fans, enjoyed the ride knowing full well that there was little to no chance of winning the Cup. Indeed, if the Canadiens had made the Conference Final, it is doubtful that even the Faithful would pick them to beat Pittsburgh. So we always knew we were going to be eliminated.

But really, the Flyers? C'mon!

Shades of the Carolina Hurricanes; down and out until the removal of Our Captain's eye. Shades of the Tampa Bay Lightning; thoroughly dominated, yet winning despite (although at least they had some talented players).

What do those teams have in common? Yeah, they won the Cup.

Are the Flyers a team of destiny? Did Briere know something we didn't? Did Biron? Is Hatcher really the difference maker Bobby Clarke always thought he was? Is Umberger the real deal? It is the fact that this paragraph can barely be taken seriously that makes me realize just how horrible it was for Us to lose to these clowns.

Oh well. There's always next year right? Centennial Cup?

Now let the offseason fun begin. Let us dump Ryder to Edmonton, pick up a signifant UFA (Hossa? Jagr?) and gear up for next year's awesome ride!

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