Thursday, November 27, 2008


Just when you think the greatest team in hockey and the best team in the world is doing its utmost to let you down, they turn on the Juice and spread the magic sauce. Everyone's getting into the mix, from Kovy to skating, through Plecky to scoring, to O'Byrne NOT poppin' it into his own net. NHL to look into excess Hab-fan voodoo piercings.
Because if such actions didn't yet prove the existence of a parallel universe, after Josh Gorges' goal, check out the punisher by Dandy (pictured left)! Babcock adamant: Hoodoo Voodoo involved.
Canadiens showing they really know how to smurf. Detroit's Lidstromma, Datsyun and Zetterberger (pictured right) were left to stare at their skate laces, bewildered and shocked by such an awesome display of talent in the Motor City, and we don't mean the robotic GM arms.
Next game: Ovy and Friends. Will Markov continue to put the squeeze on his good buddy? Will Kovy show Federov how an Ivan ages with Class? Will José find his inner half-season prowess? Will O'Byrne discover new ways to auto-sabotage? All your queries will be laid to ice tomorrow night at the Verizon Centre in Washer City. Be there! Or don't; what do we care?
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More updates as events warrant.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Canadiens not content to lose, commit suicide. Bob Gainey shakes his jowls. Coach Carbo storms off in a huff. Doug Jarvis stares longingly at yesteryear. O'Byrne paralyed with shame on the bench. Fans restless. Frustration sows its creepy influence.
Kirk Muller could barely conceive his shock.

"We know that with kids, we have to emphasize certain points more than we would with veterans but...I didn't think we'd have to emphasize not scoring on your own net. Hey, everyone make mistakes. Not everyone scores on their own net but everyone makes mistakes. He's got to put this one behind him and forget about it. He needn't worry; we'll remember it aplenty for him. He O'Byrned us today but he'll be all Ryan in Detroit."


Preview: Habs vs Wings.
Speaking of Detroit City, the Best in the West eagerly await the arrival of the Boys to snack on their doubting Tomas Plecanecsis. Throwing the Habs to the Wings seems like feeding a tiger meat at the moment but coach Guy Carbonneau thinks the Red, White'n'Blue have a chance, providing they work, skate hard, be first on the puck, play smart defensively, not give away the blueline, forcheck, keep the puck in the offensive zone, instill a cycle, keep up the pressure, create scoring chances, get shots on net and finish, they have a chance to come out with a good result. Oh, well, is that all? Sounds easy when he says it like that. Hockey City in Hockeytown, Thursday night.

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MONTREAL - After losing yet another game on Monday night against the New York Islanders, the Montreal Canadiens are looking for something, anything, to help boost their fragile confidence. The answer comes after many fans have sent in angry emails and phone calls demanding the Habs do something to right the sinking ship.

The answer is an exhibition game against their fans.

During the Christmas break, the "Canadiens vs. Fans" game will take place. The game, which is being promoted by Don King, is sure to draw massive media attention as well as ire, since the "Canadiens vs. Media" game is scheduled for next preseason.

"No doubt about it, the Montreal fans will be tough," Habs center (and eternal optimist) Saku Koivu said. "That guy from the corner Deli? Well, he's got a nasty shot that usually hits guys in the throat. And that guy who pushes the shopping cart around St. Catherine's? Man, he can wreak havoc in the neutral zone. (Also, you don't want him bleeding on you.) Oh! And that dude from maintenance? Well, he's just a gigantic jerk. But we've got a good team, too."

The Canadiens have of course confirmed that all of their regulars will be in the lineup, with the exception of Maxime Lapierre, whose animal-like tendencies are feared to result in his mounting one of the fans in a move of dominance followed inevitably by biting off an ear.

The Habs coaching staff, meanwhile, are of course looking at this game as an opportunity to (a) avenge certain statements the fans have made against them, and (b) get back into the win column.

Neither is expected to occur.

More comments as events warrant.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


CAROLINA - Alone. Alone He skates. From the safety of the press box, I watch Him... The Magician.

Maybe it's the scent of the Canadiens' demise (like cruel water rising inexorably), but Alex Kovalev is suddenly much more inspired to put concerted effort into refining His craft. He's honed His willpower into that of a master Artist. Each pass, each shot, and the stick bends to His will... Yes. Yes!

The results are breath-taking. The moves are human emotion incarnate. Why, is this a mere practice, or are the pucks like fellow men rapt within the human condition?

No time for reflection, though, only doing.

And we await His Awakening...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Your Montreal Canadiens were in fine spirits after obliterating the Ottawa Senators Tuesday night. Following their worst losing streak of the season, Hab coach Carbo called out the boys.
"C'mon, boys!," he apparently yelled, "This isn't Nashville! This isn't Columbus! In Montreal, we win! All the time! EVERY time!"
The Boys listened. And took out the Senator trash harder than a dumptruck on the Joisy turnpike. Many affirm that had the opposition been wearing red and white or brown and yellow or turquoise and magenta, they all would have left black and blue.
So was the mood when your plucky reporter entered the media fray for Carbo's post game analysis.
"We were sick of losing all the time. The "streak" had been the worst I've witnessed since I've been behind the bench. I knew we were better than that. We had to pull ourselves out of these losing ways and show the world that we were a good team. Tonight, we showed that we were not only a good team but a super-fantastical, titan-inspired Armada of a good team. There's no reason to believe that we can't bring the Fire each and every game. I spoke to my left-wingers before the game and as you can see, they answered. And what can you say about the Priceberg? He was excellent tonight."
Indeed, straight from the horse's mouth:
"They're a good team," the Kid said, "They crashed the net a lot. They were really throwin' it. They were boardin' it off the walls cuz they're so lively and I thought we played good."
That it?
"That's it."
Can we expect the same effort against Boston, Carbo?
"Saw a flick this weekend. Line in it I liked: Tell Julien the Habs are comin'.
And they're bringin' Hell with them."
More updates as events warrant.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


MONTREAL - With the Centennial Season in motion for the Montreal Canadiens, the roster has been forever etched into history. The ultimate goal is, of course, to capture Lord Stanley's Cup. Thus, each player must be at the height of his game. Bob Gainey, the Canadiens' GM has selected each player on the roster according to the Grand Design. He's also selected them according to specialized skilled.

The following is a breakdown of the skill set of the Canadiens' franchise goalie, Carey Price.

Good Points:
  • Balls of steal means he doesn't need to wear a cup.
  • Can ride side-saddle on a horse and not look gay.
  • Can crochet like nobody's business.
  • Covers the back of the net very well.
  • Still able to pick up chicks even with pick-up lines like, "wow, you're a pretty, pretty princess."

    Bad Points:
  • C'mon! Country music? Seriously?
  • Shouts "ka-pow!" every time he makes a save.
  • Sometimes gets too comfortable in net and leans back to take a nap.
  • Could be taller.
  • Can't dunk.