Thursday, October 23, 2008


Much has been written about the infamous helmet-swap between Gorgeous Gorges and the Priceberg at the end of the Panther game last Saturday. Since then, your intrepid reporter sought to learn more of this seemingly harmless practice.
Not so harmless as it turns out. Rather UNharmless. HarmFUL, actually.
"It was supposed to be a joke;" sputtered Gorges, once cornered at La Cage aux Sports, "It was supposed to be just a little thing to do, like a tradition, but Carey sees an opportunity and guess what? He takes it. He put Vicks vapor rub all over the inside of his helmet and he squished on my head! He said it was to get back at me? I put an extra SOCK in his bag, I don't see why I should have my BRAIN fried for that! People say I was smiling coming off the ice? I wasn't smiling; I was grimacing. Hey, he wants to play? I can play."
"Ok, but slashing the tires on my 4-Runner?", asked the incredulous young goalie. "That was... kinda unexpected, you could say." The superstar future Vézina winner then proceeded to up the ante by placing something in Gorges bag himself... something he had picked up from the city morgue. "Two can play the bag game", said the Sainte Flanelle phenom.
Since his deadline was fast approachingYour impatient reporter was the one who directed Gorges to his bag . Once his shrieks had subsided, he was kind enough to answer a few questions.
- Are you alright, Josh?
"Oh, he wants to play... oh, two can play... oh yes, two can play... and I'm gonna play too. "
- Where are you going?
"I'm going to firebomb his parents house."
More updates as events warrant.

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