Saturday, February 23, 2008


Expect to see the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge pull out all the stops tonight as Montreal celebrates and honors the accomplishments of Bob Gainey. A sell-out crowd is awaited at the Bell Center tonight in what will only be later described as an extraordinary extravaganza of excellence.

Tune in to CBC on Saturday night and prepare to witness a love-fest, the likes of which this world has never witnessed.Why we're going to be there tonight? Because tonight is about Bob Gainey. Tonight is about what Bob Gainey has done for the Montreal Canadiens. Tonight is about why Bob Gainey is seeing his banner lifted. One man. One reason.

Alexei Ibrahamovich Kovaliov.Thank you, Bob. And God bless. Enjoy your night.

Also, Bob Gainey once played for the Canadiens, so they even have a number he wore.

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