Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Priceberg named 3rd star of the week in NHL

Four tumultuous games after his recall, Le Priceberg is now wallowing in controversy. A goalie controversy, that is. NHL adds fuel to the fire by naming the upstart 3rd star of the week.
Carbonneau is frantically managing this crisis by forcing his team to don skates and make their way around the icey Bell Center Rink. "I'm trying to get their minds away from this controversy and back to the game." could have possibly said the coach through an anonymous tip.
When confronted on this, both Huet and Price denied that their relationship was anything but supportive and encouraging. Lies. Controversy! So ascertains your objective reporter.
Here come the Rangers, resolved to avenge their goofy orange buddies, who were so ignomin-ignomon-igmini-badly swept in the regular season by the Glorious Ones, by possibly sweeping us in turn. Run-ons ensue as tensions rise.
Reached for comment before hopping on the ice, Yammy Yager was made available to your reluctant reporter.
"First off, two things." Yammy said. "Your fly's undone and do you know if Komisarek is playing tonight?"
Ooooh. Oh, he's playing. And he's coming after you, Jags. Be prepared.

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