Wednesday, February 27, 2008


If ever there was any doubt, Bob Gainey has dissipated them. An impact player was wanted at the trade deadline and while many thought Hossa might don the Tricolore, the GM bamboozles the NHL planet by once again pulling a rabbit out of his hat. The hat is Hamilton. The rabbit is Grabovski. Eastern conference stunned at Bob's moxy, spunk and wherewithal.
Cristobal Huet sent to Washington for 9-week supply of Aunt Jemimah's Super Fluffy Cakes and a second-round pick for 2009. "We needed to address a lack in our dressing-room", says Bob, "We had an excellent offensive player, an 8-cylinder player, playing on only 6 cylinders. We knew how to motivate him, but we had run out of pancakes. Unfortunately, we had to pay a high price to get another supply and Washington saw that oppurtunity to dangle their spring-time fresh, oh so delicious, stuffy, fluffy, super-pancakes. They wanted Huet. It was a difficult choice for this organization but we decided, I decided, that we needed this player's commitment to the team had to be reinforced and the only way to do that was to have more pancakes. Once that promise was made from this organization to him, well, he scored 4 goals in 3 games, so we're on the right track."
The Priceberg takes number 1 duties. His era is now a sterling 1-0-0. Jaroslav Halak on being called up, "I'm really happy to be back, obviously, but with the Priceberg playing perfectly in his era, I just hope I can see the net this year!"
More updates as events warrant.

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