Tuesday, December 16, 2008


CAROLINA - As the Canadiens are no longer able to intimidate opponents on the ice, the players have taken to trying to intimidate opponents off the ice.

In a bold move to try to put some life into the demoralized Montreal roster, coach Guy Carbonneau organized a poker match deep in the dark underbelly of the Raleigh underground. It is here that the murderous band of thugs make their name. And it is here that Carbonneau will turn his season around. Carbonneau pushes his players into the seedy establishment.

Andrei Kostitsyn - no stranger to places such as this - challenges the midnight crew to a game and prepares to show these rag-a-muffins who really holds the cards.

The dangerous band of mobsters threatens him with their sinister card-based magic. One of them even tries to intimidate him with the ace of spades! But Kostitsyn retailiates with his own hand of deadly and highly intimidating cards!

We are lost...

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