Thursday, March 12, 2009


MONTREAL - As posted here and, indeed all over the Sacred Internet over the past few days, it was Bob Our Savior who has single handedly changed the climate of the entire hockey world. But it was not without sacrifice.

Your humble reporter was not in a position to report on the proceedings at the time that they occurred, but I could not let it pass without at least providing some form of literary response...

It was with a last ditch effort to salvage a sinking ship that Bob The Builder invoked the ultimate resolution in his formal attache of plenipotentiary clauses, motioning for bilateral demilitarization and cessation of hostilities for the mutual advancement and prolonged commitment to the furtherance of harmonious relations among sovereign parties.

In other words: peace be with you, Carbo...

As we all know, the majesty of Bob's personal charm spreads throughout the cosmos. Legend already speaks of this great champion of pulchritude. Scribes (not only in Montreal) scrawl His praises. Bards wail His glories. Poets bleed their inkwells dry and weep them full again.

Men of sorted character silently breathe Bob's story as their passion; as warriors blow white conch on jagged rock; as paramours put flushed lip to their lovers' mouths. Men of spirit aflame, open of shirt and snug of pantaloon; rose-breasted men with swiveling hips, nimble legs and restless hearts; men whose vehemence of temperament fill their throats with melody and their footwork with rhythm. The fiery cluck of learned, genteel men as these will pique the ear with tales of this Champion... Of Bob.

Legend will forever speak of this humble man, who by mettle of His glowing personal charm alone, saved the Montreal Canadiens and indeed, the entire universe.

No pressure though, Bob... No pressure...

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