Monday, November 2, 2009


MONTREAL — As your humble reporter hid quietly in the laundry hamper amid the sweaty socks and arid jock-straps, he was witness to a most unusual happening.

Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman Luke Schenn walked over to the Montreal Canadiens' locker room and informed a celebrating Habs squad that his team could hear "everything" they were saying about the Leafs' poor performance following their 5-4 overtime loss on Saturday.

"Listen, it's just not very sportsmanlike to call our goalie a 'choke artist' and our entire team 'a bunch of losers,'" Schenn said to the Habs, who fell completely silent when Schenn first entered the room.

"Is this what you guys are about? Kicking a team when they're down?" Schenn continued, "Kind of takes away from all that 'good game' crap we just did on the ice, doesn't it? You should all be ashamed of yourselves."

While Schenn was delivering his speech, the entire Canadiens roster failed to suppress laughter, forcing Schenn to tell them several times that he was serious and didn't know what was so funny.

More updates as events warrant.


Anonymous said...

No doubt Komisarek was pouting about it too...

Anonymous said...

It was a shoot-out, not overtime.

The Habs-Man said...

Thank you for your correction about SO vs OT. I would hate for this site to mislead someone from the truth.

Oh wait... Do you even read this site?

critic said...

...shootout is overtime. Technically it's STILL overtime. Granted it wasnt sudden death overtime, but they still went over the time limit.

Anonymous said...

Overtime or shootout, it was great!