Thursday, October 7, 2010


MONTEAL — As winter tightens its grip on this, the greatest nation on Earth (by the way, that's Canada), hockey fans from coast to coast are breaking out their team sweaters and preparing to dig in for this latest thrill ride that is the new hockey season.

In the USA, however, the story is a bit different (no matter what NBC says)...

"What? Hockey's back? Well, I'm glad they finally got that lockout thing resolved," said North Dakota resident Gary Johnston. "I remember I used to see some games on TV now and then," he paused and looked into the air as if recalling some perfect memory. "Come to think of it. It's nice they're going to have that again."

"Well, in any case, I hope we can at least beat the Soviets again," Johnston added.

Unlike the well-informed Mr. Johnston, true fans of the NHL (like us here in Canada) know that there is nothing quite like the game of hockey. And it took its sudden disappearance from the world of competitive sports during the lockout a few years ago to cement us all as hockey faithful. And with the new season upon us, we die-hard fans stand upon the precipice of the great events that are sure to occur, and we cannot stand to wait any longer.

Mr. Johnston is equally excited as he claims his anticipation of being thrilled by the breathtaking exploits of household names such as Bobby Orr, Mario Lemieux, Darcy Tucker, Paul Coffey, Barry Melrose, the Quebec Nordiques, and Wayne "The Great" Gretzky.

Game on, baby... Game on...

More updates as events warrant.

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