Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Your Montreal Canadiens were in fine spirits after obliterating the Ottawa Senators Tuesday night. Following their worst losing streak of the season, Hab coach Carbo called out the boys.
"C'mon, boys!," he apparently yelled, "This isn't Nashville! This isn't Columbus! In Montreal, we win! All the time! EVERY time!"
The Boys listened. And took out the Senator trash harder than a dumptruck on the Joisy turnpike. Many affirm that had the opposition been wearing red and white or brown and yellow or turquoise and magenta, they all would have left black and blue.
So was the mood when your plucky reporter entered the media fray for Carbo's post game analysis.
"We were sick of losing all the time. The "streak" had been the worst I've witnessed since I've been behind the bench. I knew we were better than that. We had to pull ourselves out of these losing ways and show the world that we were a good team. Tonight, we showed that we were not only a good team but a super-fantastical, titan-inspired Armada of a good team. There's no reason to believe that we can't bring the Fire each and every game. I spoke to my left-wingers before the game and as you can see, they answered. And what can you say about the Priceberg? He was excellent tonight."
Indeed, straight from the horse's mouth:
"They're a good team," the Kid said, "They crashed the net a lot. They were really throwin' it. They were boardin' it off the walls cuz they're so lively and I thought we played good."
That it?
"That's it."
Can we expect the same effort against Boston, Carbo?
"Saw a flick this weekend. Line in it I liked: Tell Julien the Habs are comin'.
And they're bringin' Hell with them."
More updates as events warrant.

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