Thursday, November 27, 2008


Just when you think the greatest team in hockey and the best team in the world is doing its utmost to let you down, they turn on the Juice and spread the magic sauce. Everyone's getting into the mix, from Kovy to skating, through Plecky to scoring, to O'Byrne NOT poppin' it into his own net. NHL to look into excess Hab-fan voodoo piercings.
Because if such actions didn't yet prove the existence of a parallel universe, after Josh Gorges' goal, check out the punisher by Dandy (pictured left)! Babcock adamant: Hoodoo Voodoo involved.
Canadiens showing they really know how to smurf. Detroit's Lidstromma, Datsyun and Zetterberger (pictured right) were left to stare at their skate laces, bewildered and shocked by such an awesome display of talent in the Motor City, and we don't mean the robotic GM arms.
Next game: Ovy and Friends. Will Markov continue to put the squeeze on his good buddy? Will Kovy show Federov how an Ivan ages with Class? Will José find his inner half-season prowess? Will O'Byrne discover new ways to auto-sabotage? All your queries will be laid to ice tomorrow night at the Verizon Centre in Washer City. Be there! Or don't; what do we care?
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More updates as events warrant.

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