Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Canadiens not content to lose, commit suicide. Bob Gainey shakes his jowls. Coach Carbo storms off in a huff. Doug Jarvis stares longingly at yesteryear. O'Byrne paralyed with shame on the bench. Fans restless. Frustration sows its creepy influence.
Kirk Muller could barely conceive his shock.

"We know that with kids, we have to emphasize certain points more than we would with veterans but...I didn't think we'd have to emphasize not scoring on your own net. Hey, everyone make mistakes. Not everyone scores on their own net but everyone makes mistakes. He's got to put this one behind him and forget about it. He needn't worry; we'll remember it aplenty for him. He O'Byrned us today but he'll be all Ryan in Detroit."


Preview: Habs vs Wings.
Speaking of Detroit City, the Best in the West eagerly await the arrival of the Boys to snack on their doubting Tomas Plecanecsis. Throwing the Habs to the Wings seems like feeding a tiger meat at the moment but coach Guy Carbonneau thinks the Red, White'n'Blue have a chance, providing they work, skate hard, be first on the puck, play smart defensively, not give away the blueline, forcheck, keep the puck in the offensive zone, instill a cycle, keep up the pressure, create scoring chances, get shots on net and finish, they have a chance to come out with a good result. Oh, well, is that all? Sounds easy when he says it like that. Hockey City in Hockeytown, Thursday night.

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More updates as events warrant.

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