Saturday, November 1, 2008


MONTREAL - With the Centennial Season in motion for the Montreal Canadiens, the roster has been forever etched into history. The ultimate goal is, of course, to capture Lord Stanley's Cup. Thus, each player must be at the height of his game. Bob Gainey, the Canadiens' GM has selected each player on the roster according to the Grand Design. He's also selected them according to specialized skilled.

The following is a breakdown of the skill set of the Canadiens' franchise goalie, Carey Price.

Good Points:
  • Balls of steal means he doesn't need to wear a cup.
  • Can ride side-saddle on a horse and not look gay.
  • Can crochet like nobody's business.
  • Covers the back of the net very well.
  • Still able to pick up chicks even with pick-up lines like, "wow, you're a pretty, pretty princess."

    Bad Points:
  • C'mon! Country music? Seriously?
  • Shouts "ka-pow!" every time he makes a save.
  • Sometimes gets too comfortable in net and leans back to take a nap.
  • Could be taller.
  • Can't dunk.
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