Sunday, March 2, 2008


The Red Army marches on. Systematically crushing any who stand in their way, inexorably pursuing the goal of total and utter Victory. A terrible posse crashing into defender's flanks like a tsunami in a domino contest. The Canadiens are back.
High atop the Bell Center Tower, Bob Gainey sits on his thrown and throws piercing glares into his Time Crystal. Everything that has transpired so far has done so according to the grand Design. He smirks in recollection,
"I grow tired of asking, Daniel, so it will be for the last time; will you join?"
"No. The pastures are greener yonder, my lord, I will go thither."
"So be it." Krack-ka-boom! See Flyers with broken wing. See Flyers fly. Woops!
And then,
Marion is traded to Pittsburgh. A new enemy? Krack-ka-boom! Woops! Are ye allright there, lad?
Do only the Devils remain ahead of the Flanelle? Ugly horned wonders, Bob, whatever shall we do?
"Who doth play the Devils next?"
The Capitals, my lord.
"Bring me Huet; I would have words with him."
Huet, my lord? But why?
"Yours is not to question but to obey. Obey me. For I have a Plan."
Yes, my lord.


John said...
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John said...

This really made me laugh, good work! I await future installments in the Legend of the Habs - The Gainey Saga (my title sucks).