Saturday, January 2, 2010


Disaster has struck three other poor saps on the Beautiful Team this morning as Ryan O’Byrne and the Kostitsyn brothers are the latest to be hit by the dreaded Poulio.
From what your perspicacious reporter was able to ascertain while eavesdropping in seventh floor bathrooms of the Bell Centre, the symptoms of the disease began to manifest themselves over the Holiday road trip, but that its contraction actually occurred at around the time when Guillaume Latendresse was sent to Minnesota free of charge, and was in an incubation period until its eventual outbreak. On a side-note, many in the Halls of Haballa questioned Mr. Bob Gainey’s mysterious compassion towards the Wild and we at Habsbros are considering appointing a reporter to probe more deeply into its muddle but for whatever the reason, that display of pity can now be regarded as an overall bad move since it has precipitated the propagation of a seemingly infectious disease within the club.
The first to feel its effects were D’Agostini and Pacioretty; each spent a game in the press-box with a medical mask over their faces made of a brown paper bag.
Now, three more have gone down. And though George Laraque won’t admit it, some in the organization fear he may have been hit the worst.
More updates as transmission spreads.


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Chris K said...

wow, Latalentless is stil being discussed?? You frenchies will never get it...and let me guess the next article will be about how team Canada left all the useless froges off the team!

PrimeTime said...

had to look up a couple of words but got the jest of it.I hope the disease spreads only as far as necessary.

Ericson esq. Reporting said...

Getting the jest of it, I love your play on words, Prime Time!
You got it indeed.

eastcoasthabsfan said...

Ha, entertaining post. I'm quite curious as to what a froge is though. I'm not sure if that's supposed to be a combination of frogs and gorges or just the literacy challenged plugging away on mom's keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Froge. Sounds delicious. And expensive.

Homme de Sept-Iles

Harditya_CareyPrice said...

Hello Bugs. This was a good read indeed, very entertaining.

Hmm..note to self: Keep a dictionary with myself when reading a post by Bugs next time.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess: Chris K and Anonymous are both teenagers and/or are high school drop-outs. No mature, intelligent decent human being would write such hateful remarks. If the pressure of living with other people that are not of your race is too much, go dig and hole and don't come back.