Wednesday, March 19, 2008


From Minsk to Smolensk. From Severnaya Brovyev to St-Pêtersburgh; Hamilton is the Russian Sacha doll that just keeps on giving.
"How do you explain such a wealth of Ivans, Guy?" asked your tactless reporter.
"We're the only team that has Levis jeans as a signing bonus." laughed the coach, after which he added,
"Hey, hey, don't write that down; it was a joke!"
Too late, Guy.
Mikael Grabovski joins the swelling ranks of snot-nosed kids that have taken this Mtl Canadien team and shoved it up the NHL's food disposer. With the rest of the North-East scrambling to lay down a situation report on the Habs and to prepare in situ hypothetical scenarios with Grabovski added to the algorithm, it is safe to say, that they are Panicking.
Who can stop this terrible Russian fleet? Don Cherry? Guess again.
The last of the Leningrad Legion is in Montreal. With the new Superliga contracts being beholden to the Far East, no more talent will ever lay sway in the NHL as they do in Montreal.
The Time is Now.
The Future is Here.
So what are you gonna do about it, Guy?
"For starters, I ain't sayin' **** to you no more, you moth...." (technical difficulties)
More updates as events warrant.

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Haha! That was great!