Monday, March 10, 2008


We were all gathered at Pierre Trudeau Airport to await the return of the St-Flanelle. As the players started to pour onto the concourse, the obvious question in all our minds was,
Did Grabovski make the flight?
He had. And so the team is back after a .500 road series which has led them from the silicone streets of San Jose through the Desert of Gretzky to the sandy beaches of King Cali. All in all, fellas? Great tan. And the Canadiens proved they can also be beaten by the Stanley Cup Ducks, sending the rest of the League cowering in fear.
"If the Ducks can beat them, I don't know what we can do...", stammered Martin Brodeur to your courageous reporter in the Devil's shower-room.
"When I found out that our lords and masters, the canadiens, lost to Anaheim, I told Coach Murray that I was scared and I wanted to go home.", admitted Daniel Alfredsson to your surprised reporter in the Senator massage-room.
"Strovonotski druska bretnev bronki visna.", Evgeni Malkin was heard to remark. Your curious reporter doesn't understand Russian, but we were in the rub-down room.
Point is, the coming week holds the keys to the Eastern Conference and a strangle-hold on the Eastern Division. The Canadiens are back in Canada, ready to stake their claim on the snow-blowers on special at Canadian Tire.
Will Mikael see the ice again, Coach Guy?
"He's got to Grab his opportunities.", giggled Carbonneau.

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