Friday, March 28, 2008


After the ap-down-slay in the Saguenay, the Canadian government will announce today a ban on fighting in junior hockey. Goons, gorillas, hackers, smackers, grinders, blinders, policemen and plumbers shocked.
Remarks ranged from "Heck do we do now?!" to "What kind of candy-butt government would do something like that?" and concluding with "Do they know anything about hockey?".
Gilles Courteau, administrator of the LHJMQ isn't too pleased about it either. "Hey, as long as you promise me that this is off the record, personally, I am totally against this. Brawls get the folks in the arena; ain't gonna lie to ya. But you gotta beef? You talk to Roy and that monkey kid of his. He's the one what ruined it for everybody, you know? So now, I gotta act responsible and holier than thou, you understand? I gotta pretend that I'm for this thing when in fact, it's stickin' in my craw like you wouldn't believe. Everywhere I go, it's always been Roy, Roy, Roy, like a god***n bane on my existence. I hate him so much. Ugh...Off the record, right?"
Of course.
No more fighting in junior hockey.
Maybe those kids'll get drafted now.
What's a craw?

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