Tuesday, March 4, 2008


MONTREAL - In recent weeks, the Montreal Canadiens have proven to their fans and their critics that they really know how to smurf. Night-in and night-out they've shown their smurfing prowess.

The smurfing began in late Smurfember right around the time where the top smurf on the roster got a smurf in his smurf. After that, there was no smurfing his smurf and the Canadiens really started to smurf.

Off the ice, the Canadiens have jelled as a unit. This has added to their chemistry and has allowed them to get their smurf on with a minimal amount of smurfing. Indeed, if there is any smurf on this team, it's hidden by all the smurf.

And with Gainey Smurf at the helm and Alex Smurfalev leading the way, the Canadiens will be the top smurfs in the Smurf Conference for a long smurf to come.

Perhaps even the Smurf Cup is within reach?

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