Sunday, April 6, 2008


The Glorious Engine of Destruction keeps rumbling on, decimating opponent's ranks like a chain-saw in a ceaser salad. A non-stop influx of young and beautiful Talent to the Only Roster is sowing Fear throughout the league. D'Agostini, the flitting ghoul, smiling in the shadow of S.Richer, has made his name enough.
But until a day ago, the name "Gregory Stewart" sounded like the fast-ball special at Fenway Stadium, something you would take with mustard. The hyphens have come off and the only mustard in sight is in the velocity of his punch to your potato-chewer. The shadow of C.Lemieux looms thusly...
For every who Falls,
Two shall Arise.
The Word has spread to all Divisions, confident or powerless: Be Prepared.
So unplug the cyrogenic chamber and wake up Granpa. Get a coffee down his gullet while his eyes unpeel and then tell him it's 1977. He'll spit. Give him a good smack across the noggin and tell him that the Waves of Red White and Blue Terror are once again booming across the shores of the NHL. 262 goals, Granpa! He'll spit and he'll look....Bob Gainey?......Boston?
And he'll Believe.
His Boys are Back!


Anonymous said...

Glorious... Just glorius.

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful. Keep it coming!