Friday, April 18, 2008


The Bell Center is resonating with silence. The Montreal throng is screaming sweet nothing in nobody's ear. The chant changed from "Olé, Olé, Olé" to "Au lit, Au lit, Au lit" midway through the 2nd period of the 5th game opposing the Glorious Ones to the Big Bad Bruins. Dull drama delays dandy deed. Truly, a debacle is not what 21273 persons paid for last night but verily, that's what they got, and that most righteously. A drastic drubbing led directly to deadly disintegration. Decadent disaster depreciates demeanor of dictator's disciples. Guy Carbonneau overheard swearing in coach's office before press conference but looked composed enough to talk to us.
-What happened, coach?
"We lost. We played with no effort after our first goal. The guys thought it'd be easy and it might be but you still gotta go out there and get it."
-Kovalev said noone is going to give to you.
"Well, did you write that down?"
-Did you ever expect to drop a 5 to 1 game versus Boston?
"Yeah, I had it planned on my calendar and everything; what do you think? We were embarassed on own ice, I think the guys know this has been a wake-up call."
-Is the alarm loud enough?
"(menacing glare in your terrified reporter's direction)"
-Ummmm....I mean, how're you gonna get the team to rebound from this one, coach?
"By getting them to work for 60 minutes instead of 20. The Bruins have played better lately and we have to respond."
-The Kid, last night...
"No comment. No wait, the Kid is the Real Deal; that's my comment."
-If the Bruins win the series...
"Then the Universe might as well turn to jello and disappear because it will have no reason to exist anymore. 'If the Bruins win the series'; listen to yourself. Bad bounces, that's all. Just bad bounces. We're going to win."
-Bad bounces?
"Yeah. Same reason you're here."
I declare!
More updates as events warrant.

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