Friday, April 25, 2008


MONTREAL - After losing the first game of the series to the Canadiens, Philadelphia Flyers' head coach John Stevens was seeking a gimmick that would help boost the moral of his team before game two.

"I don't know, there's already a bunch of teams that do the head-shaving, karaoke, or Greco-Roman wrestling," said Stevens, leafing through an issue of Coaching for Dummies. "I thought about juggling, but in the end, 'Silly Hat Day' just came to me."

Well, the gimmick was a huge success.

Darien Hatcher scored easily during a scrimmage as backup goalie Antero Niittymaki could not focus on the puck for sake of the hulking Hatcher's tiara (his own). Vacalav Prospal was also in the spirit, wearing a British policeman's cap, while Jeff Carter wore the very same green hat worn by Don Cherry for St. Patrick's Day.

Unfortunately, the day was not all positives as Daniel Briere was actually further demoralized when he did not properly understand the memo and came to the rink dressed head-to-toe as a '70's disco pimp.

No word yet as to whether the Flyers will wear their "silly hats" to the game on Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

Their gimmick is to kick a soccer ball around before games.

"It's a revolutionary idea if you think about it. Instead of practicing hockey to get better at hockey we practice soccer instead. Makes sense to me." Stevens