Monday, April 28, 2008


Sources close to the team reveal hoodoo-voodoo behind Flyer bench. The team doing the revealing was, of course, Your Montreal Canadiens.
The NHL board of directors are seriously considering thinking of the possibilty of maybe appealing towards Gary Bettman to instill "The Flyer Rule", perhaps.
"The Flyer Rule" would be to award victory, no matter the score, to the team that so pummeled its opposition and so demolished any conceivable sense of adversity between them that they should not have to suffer the ignominity of defeat by vengeful Gods.
The puck went this way, that way, the other way around and back again. It went left; it went right, through that guy's legs and between those guys' coverage. It went aside the goalie, over and under him, across him and towards him, side to side and up and down. It chipped off every speck of paint and either net while it explored the bending properties of iron. It sailed; it sallied; it parted the orange seas like a Kovalev through a kindergarten class.
The only place the puck didn't go, was where it was supposed to go.
Some say the talismanic-Tie has aggravated the hockey-gods by its overuse. We accept the remonstrance. however,
Timonen: "Na-na! Boo-boo!"
You unbelievable bastich...
Be prepared.

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